Special Features .

  • Trade & Settlement Component
  • Collaterals Component
  • KYC & AML/CFT Component
  • General Ledger Component
  • User Access Management Controls
  • SMS & Email Sending System
  • Web Based Digital On-boarding System
  • Flexible commission and fee structures

Settlement with Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

  • Settlement with National Clearing Company Limited (NCCPL).
  • Settlement with Clients.
  • Customized extracts / uploads / downloads of different kind of data.
  • Multiple clearing cycles like T+2, T+1, T+0, futures, provisional, weekly future etc.
  • Ready and Spot trades and forward / provisional mark to market and trade settlement.
  • Margin Trading System (MTS).
  • Maintains inventory with custodian
  • Can cater all types of government taxes like CVT, WHT, FED etc. and clearing house charges like LAGA, SECP, NCSS and CDC etc.
  • Bill Generation and cancelation feature

Multilevel Chart of Account.

  • Double entry system.
  • Journal/Cash/bank voucher types.
  • Journal Voucher Type.
  • Short Sell order window.
  • Provisional vouchers.
  • Subsidiary ledger account.
  • Receivables/Payables.
  • Trial Balance.
  • User wise back date entry feature.
  • Voucher posting/un-posting feature.
  • Voucher printing feature.
  • Auto reversal voucher generation feature.
  • Multiple options to print trial (Selective, Hierarchical and Level).

Customizable commission slabs for configurable share price ranges.

  • Feature to set different rates for trading and delivery.
  • Feature to set different rates for regular and MTS/MFS trades.
  • Feature to set fixed minimum and maximum amount and rates.
  • Feature to attach different slabs with multiple clearing regimes.
  • Automatic trade splitting in one-way commission process if buy and sell has different total volumes.
  • Commission paid (if traded in other stock exchange or with other brokers).
  • Commission distribution to unlimited number of dealers and sub dealers.
  • Future daily/weekly commission.
  • Commission rates can be defined in percentage (by value) or in amount and for MTS/MFS,commission can be defined on profit sharing basis.

Detailed inventory record (physical and custodian based, registered / unregistered, non-saleable shares etc.)

  • Recording of all movements e.g. shares sent to transfer, verification or pledged. Shares received/delivered to settlement, shares received/delivered to client.
  • Announcement entries.
  • Shares withdrawal request from custodian.
  • Custody expenses entry feature
  • Custodian data import feature.
  • Reconciliation with custodian.
  • Reconciliation with custodian.
  • Pre-Settlement Delivery with reconciliation

Detailed KYC Data input

  • Fully compliant with SECP Guidelines 2018 & NRA 2019
  • Automated NACTA/ UNSCR proscribed persons & entities screening system
  • Comprehensive customer risk profiling
  • CDD / EDD Procedures
  • On-Going Monitoring Processes
  • Un-usual Transactions Monitoring

User wise access rights of each entry

  • User wise access rights of operation within each entry
  • User wise access rights of each report
  • Save/Post operation access rights.
  • Online fund transfer request.
  • Record of all charges and deletions (Audit log).
  • SMS to customers
    • Trade confirmations
    • Daily trade summary
    • Cash deposit & withdrawal
    • Welcome on account opening
    • Inventory movement other than trading
    • Broadcast messages
    • NIC expiry alerts
  • Emails to customers
    • Trade confirmations
    • Day end positions which includes ledger/inventory/open positions etc
    • CGT Reports
    • Welcome on account opening
    • Inventory movements
    • Broadcast emails
    • NIC expiry alerts

Complete digital on-boarding system

  • Responsive web design
  • User friendly
  • Paperless
  • Fully integrated with NCCPL
  • Fully integrated with Backoffice System
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard

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